About Our Team

Lauren Paddington, partner

Lauren brings a unique precision to her vital roles at Regas, leveraging a background in finance and a degree in Engineering from Harvard University to meticulously manage the day-to-day operations of the design company. Always a lover of letterpress, she also embraced the stationery world long before taking the helm at Regas: she worked as a printer, studied calligraphy, and oversaw a retail stationery business. Lauren’s role has her in constant communication with clients and the Regas team alike; her warm, effusive nature allows for rapport on all fronts. Her secret passion? Hotels – meaning she’ll happily talk client venues for hours.

Meredith Kurosko, founder

Meredith founded Regas in 2009 in the wake of a decade of preparatory work: earning her degree in graphic design from the University of Florida, three years in-house at a stationery design company, and three years as an Art Director at Saks Fifth Avenue. She acted as the company’s Creative Director for seven years and continues to support Regas in that capacity as well as with strategic oversight. Meredith’s original passions – connections, collaborations, story-telling through design, and laughter – are at the heart of each and every client project.

Ambar Zaatar, client engagement manager

Ambar honed an incredible talent for graphic story telling through visual merchandising roles at Theory and Jack Spade. She joined Regas to apply the same connective threads to each of our client projects. Her unique role as our client “guide” keeps all moving smoothly from Day 1 of contact through inception of the formal design process, and ensures that all materials and methods selected for each client convey a cohesive message. Ambar is an avid reader, using books to tune out the NYC commute madness, as well as our resident fashionista (sneaker trends, we got you). A final talent, not to be overlooked: her penchant for lending moral support.

Allison Keener, design director

Allison was launched straight into the Regas world upon graduation from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2010. She provides critical creative input on all projects and puzzles together the Regas team’s design schedule.  Allison brings her love of painting and sketching to her work (her custom art is a frequent feature in our designs) and her love of photography and travel to the Regas instagram. She’s our leading lady for light energy and cheer (and Meredith’s little sister!)

Caitlin Gossen, lead designer and producer

An upbringing in Lafayette, Louisiana, and an education at the Savannah College of Art and Design perfectly positioned super-Southerner Caitlin to become Regas’s resident “etiquette expert” upon joining the team in 2010. More importantly, this detail-oriented designer also works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that all Regas art is of superb quality, whether it be produced by our in-house team or our well-vetted partners. Caitlin’s personal hobbies include painting and interior design.

Andrea Pompili, designer and account manager

Brooklyn born and bred, Andrea brings the quintessential NYC touches to the Regas design crew: she’s an FIT grad who honed her artistic eye through roles in the Manhattan-based art departments at both Teen Vogue and The Knot before moving into the stationery world (and of course, like any true New Yorker, her favorite color is black!) An avid foodie and fashionista, Andrea is constantly seeking out good eats. She’s also a super style pioneer and joins teammate Ambar in bringing an extra touch of streetwear savvy to Regas HQ.​

Nina Ventura, production manager

A BFA in Illustration couples with Nina’s super-powered organizational skills to make her a contributor to the Regas team in two important capacities: she’s an artist, and she flawlessly manages the workflow on the production side. Nina oversees the quality of all Regas projects with perfect attention to detail. When not at the Regas studio she’s often to be found tackling home improvement projects or hanging with her Bengal cat, Buck, and a crew of cacti.

Brittany Emerson, head printer

Brittany, Britt, or B – call her what you will, this letterpress artist keeps the studio and printing press in tip-top shape. Her educational background is steeped in art: after completing high school at New York City’s renowned LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, Britt went on to study printmaking and painting at Alfred University’s School of Art and Design. She now schedules and hand-perfects each printing project undertaken in the Regas studio. Britt fills her weekends engaged in artistic pursuits: knitting, weaving, painting, ceramics, and dreaming up her next tattoo.

Debra Shigley, marketing

A lover of all things liberal arts, Debra leverages multiple corporate marketing roles and her degree as an English major from Dartmouth College to continually craft and refine the Regas voice. She appreciates editing (particularly of her own work) and would write herself into the ground if so permitted. Away from Regas Debra thrives on fitness and is often to be found either at the gym attempting to master unassisted pull-ups or in tumbling class.