Regas Paper Log

Stylish hip season

With November bearing down on us it’s time to start talking holiday (take that, pumpkins).  We’re feeling pretty ready, having already scratched two items off our studio wish list for the season: a Regas holiday card collection (it’s here!) and an amazing photographer to fill those cards with gladness.

Mariliana of Stylish Hip Kids shot Meredith’s Stylish Hip Family for our founder’s own holiday photos, and we’re all just loving the results.  Shooting toddlers is never simple (so we hear, and so we know) but Mariliana managed to coax smile after smile out of 19-month old Walt – and even warm up Steve, Meredith’s other half.  Take a peek behind the lens in this post, and find more recent family fun over on the Stylish Hip Kids site.

Next steps?  Get in touch with Mariliana if you’re local to NYC, and then frame your photos with a card culled from the Regas holiday card collection.  It’s a Stylish Hip Match for sure.

PS - speaking of matches, Mariliana does weddings too.