A Regas Bride

...chooses a "reply by" date that gives guests plenty of time to respond. This is typically
two or three weeks from the date the cards are placed in the mail.

...never mentions gifts within a wedding invitation. Registry details can be sent with the shower invite.

...never writes "no childen" or "adults only" on a wedding invitation.
This should be clear from how the envelopes were addresses, thanks to the Regas Addressing Etiqutte guide!

...orders extra invitations to allow for last minute surprises. 10 to 15 extra sets should be more than enough.
This will cover any last minute guests and any spelling errors while providing the bride a few extra for keepsakes.

...starts assembling her guest and address list as soon as possible to make the addressing process go more smoothly.
This will give extra time for checking and double-checking the spelling and accuracy of the guest list.

...lightly numbers the back of each reply card in case a guest accidentally mails back the cards wihtout a name.
(This happens far more frequently than one would expect!) Keep a corresponding numbered guest list to
unravel the Mystery of the Blank Reply Card. Nancy Drew will be proud.

...places postage on the response envelopes as a courtesy to her guests. It also likens the chance of receiving responses back
promptly! International guests will receive a response envelope without postage as they need to apply their own.

...takes a field trip to the post office to calculate the correct postage for her invites.
See our Mailing Tips Guide for more information on getting this done!

...chooses stamps that coordinate with her invitations, such as fun, eclectic vintage ones.
She will also make sure the postage adds up to the correct amount needed to mail her Regas cards.

...asks for hand-canceling at the post office when mailing her Regas invitations.

...knows that while it is traditional that bridal showers be reserved for first-time brides, it is becoming more customary for
second-time brides to join in the fun too, especially if she missed out before her first wedding!

...knows it is not appropriate for any member of her immediate family to host or throw her bridal shower.
It might look as though they are campaigning for gifts on the bride's behalf.

...mails Save the Date cards for destination weddings or weddings with a significant number of out-of-town guests earlier than
normal, to allow guests to make travel arrangements. See our mailing timeline for detailed information.

...mails rehearsal dinner invitations (not included in wedding mailing) at least two weeks before the wedding.

...sends thank you notes before the wedding as a courtesy to guests who have already sent gifts.
This strategy also helps to cut down on post-wedding hand cramps! Traditionally all thank you notes
are sent from the bride (sigh) prior to wedding. After the honeymoon though, she can put her new hubby to work!

...uses her maiden name monogram before she's married. After the wedding, new stationery
should be ordered with the bride's new monogram or with the couple's monogram.

...knows that if her new last name is McGinn, her monogran can be "M" or "McG." Bride's choice!

...orders extra thank you cards. This both covers all notes written after the wedding and provides nice stationery for social
correspondence after the wedding festivities have come to an end.

...is respectful of her guests. Even a thank you note with messy handwriting will be appreciated for the time
and thought that went into it. No pre-printed cards allowed!

...realizes that although they are traditional and lovely, inner envelopes are no longer required and can be skipped.

...lines only the inner envelope when an outer and inner envelope are used.