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Post perfect

Check that box

Love you. Mean it.

Food swoon

With Thanksgiving barely a week away (!) incidents of food porn are undoubtedly on the rise. Continue reading

Bohemian rhapsody

Mara Hoffman Bridal

Why is it that in the summer we crave the tailored styles of fall, and in the winter we dream of the loose flow-y looks of warm resort wear? Somehow the fashion grass is always greener a season or two down the road. Continue reading

Lilliputian letterpress

Smallest Printing Company

With much of the Regas team residing in New York, we’re used to the tiniest of living conditions – small studios, baby bathrooms, kitschy kitchens with half-fridges and two-burner stoves. So how could we fail to love the idea of a tiny printing press producing tiny cards to pop into the teeniest of envelopes? Continue reading

We Love Taza

The highlight of the newly sprung holiday season? (Which we first started to harp upon earlier this week, and yes, intend to work for all its worth!) Getting to play with the joyous (tee hee) couple Naomi and Josh behind favorite blog Love Taza. The two rockstars recently joined us in the Regas studio to print some personal paper and begin the brainstorm for their own holiday cards. Here are a few takes from their turn at the press… Continue reading

Stylish hip season

With November bearing down on us it’s time to start talking holiday (take that, pumpkins). We’re feeling pretty ready, having already scratched two items off our studio wish list for the season: a Regas holiday card collection (it’s here!) and an amazing photographer to fill those cards with gladness. Continue reading

Notable ladies, take note

What do Dolly Parton, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Bjork have in common? They’ve all been plucked from the past and deemed “bad girls of history” by illustrator Ann Shen, who confers this honor on an additional nine ladies in her new 2014 watercolor calendar (“Bad Girls Throughout History”, of course). Each figure was hand-picked and then hand-painted, and we feel just a bit fiercer reading the cheeky descriptions that accompany these forward-looking faces. Continue reading